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Monday, April 8, 2013

Built To Assist - Change

Hi all, thank you so much for following. I have recently discovered Seth Godin ( and have had the desire over the past month or so to begin writing about some of his theories and their applications to the music industry. So begins Built To Assist.

Seth writes in his blog that marketing equals "change--changing people's actions, conversations, or perceptions."

In the music industry, the goal is to change listeners into followers. But why should they change? Is it because the emotions that our music causes will inspire them on such a level to become rabid followers? No, pointedly it is not. Emotions are fleeting, and with the incredible amount of music available because of the Internet, listeners need more than just 3 minutes and 30 seconds of emotional enhancement to become followers.

Ask yourself these questions as you begin to think about marketing your tunes:

1) What am I without the music? What will these people like about me outside of the music?

2) Do I identify with them, their values, what they care about?

3) Should my music add value to MY life or THEIR lives first?

Think these things over carefully. Followers want to follow real, valuable people who contribute to their lives. Why are YOU valuable?

Psalm 62 1-2

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