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Red Dog Music Group

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Built To Assist - Comfortable Ambiguity

In the music industry, you may never have a real job, 9am-5pm. Are you ok with that?

If not, you might want to look into another career.

Because that is exactly what this industry is: a commitment to career-lifestyle that encompasses every corner of your life.

No other industry is this way. So how do we, as humans who crave consistency, survive and thrive?

You have to do your work for a bigger purpose. Music cannot be your all in all. It will never fulfill you. Personally, I am a Christian, so I believe that I should do everything I do for others and, in turn, to turn recognition for success back to God and His grace in my life.

I would recommend this way of thriving. But, for many people, they work for their children's futures, philanthropic purposes, or the satisfaction of fully serving others. As long as you keep your eye on something above simply music, something more glorious and divine-purposed, you will always have fuel in the tank and be comfortable with the ambiguity of our particular industry.

Because, then and only then, success that is normally defined by money, stature, or finite means will hold no allure for you. You will see the purity in labor.

Servant Leadership. Permission Marketing. Create a vacuum.

Psalm 62:1-2 

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