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Red Dog Music Group

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Built To Assist - Easter Eggs

I am sure you all are familiar with the term 'easter eggs.' White, oval breakfast food turned objects of pursuit by your adorable eight-year old niece on Easter, or projectiles subsequently smashed against your house by the angsty local teenager who didn't get invited to the egg hunt.

In this case, I am actually referring to the finding of something, not necessarily an egg. In the video game culture, gamers refer to bonus items or activities that have to be discovered in each scene as 'easter eggs.' They help the player deviate from the scenario for short a time to keep the playing interesting and earn helpful bonuses. It gives the gamer a moment of unexpected challenge that isn't detrimental to the overall result of their performance in the game.

In day to day life, it is the bonus question on the test. It is the opportunity for a safety in American football. It is the opportunity to teach your little boy how to air up his bike tire.

These actionable bonuses are everywhere in the music business. Wherever you are in your career, looking for the additional tasks and pursuing them, despite the additional labor, will undoubtedly benefit your client and paint you as cool-headed over-achiever.

Never let additional labor or challenge from your colleagues dissuade you from pursuing an obscure, yet potentially profitable opportunity. Be comfortable changing the plan, and having the ability to seal a deal at a moments notice is nothing to spit at.

Servant Leadership. Permission Marketing. Create a Vacuum.

Psalm 62:1-2

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