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Red Dog Music Group

Monday, September 23, 2013

Day Trading

Why do we swap the extended for the instant? The delayed for the immediate?

Are we that microwave'd of a society? In a world where connection is the greatest asset businesses have, and the most powerful force for promoting new music, why do we settle for the immediate?

Seth Godin wrote in his blog recently "In the connection economy, the thoughtful, patient, mature and modern approach wins out. Because connection is built on trust and generosity, not on snark and short-term wins."

Let's apply this to the music business, which happens to be a business that thrives off of connections and their apparent authenticity. Why would we celebrate the surface-level coffee conversation we had with an executive as a victory in networking? When they begin to confide their problems in you, that is a victory because that opens the door for you to innovate for their benefit...and eventually yours. Do not expect them to give you something, like a job. Try to give them something, like a solution. That will CREATE you a job.

Why do we day-trade instead of invest for the long-term? Invest in human capital, people are worth your time and authenticity and vulnerability.


Servant Leadership. Permission Marketing. Create a Vacuum.
Psalm 62:1-2

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